Just as our own children grow up and "leave the nest", some of the children at Children of Zion Village are starting to make their own lives. 
A few of our older children have gone on to independent living.  We pray that they stay true to the faith they have found in Jesus and share His love with others as they strive to honor Him with their lives. 
A number of our high school children have recently begun "outschooling" and are attending high schools in the community.  We pray that these children hold fast to the lessons they have learned and use their faith to help them make the good decisions as well as work hard on their academics. The Lord has plans for each one of these.
As our older children are "transitioning", we now have two new little ones!  Twin baby boys were placed with us at just one month old.  We pray for the health of these little babies and pray that they would feel the love of Jesus surrounding them through the care of our Children of Zion Village family.