The Waters of the Zambezi River

For several months now the Currys have been told by the local people, "the river has never been this high this early."  "Severe flooding of the COZV property is definite."  "It is sure that you will need to evacuate the children."  "Be prepared to live elsewhere for several months."
Well, the threat is not over yet, but we've asked our supporters to pray for the protection and safety of our children, the missionaries & volunteers, the staff, the local people, and our property.  And now in the last few days the waters of the mighty Zambezi have been going down!  Currently we have areas of water puddles and mud, and our road has been usable some days and not usable other days, but at this time we are able to continue to live on, have school on, and do ministry on our COZV property. 
Please continue with the prayers!