Four Months - 4 Marathons - For Mafuta


                Have you ever wondered how you could do something to help children who have been orphaned by the AIDS pandemic in southern Africa? Have you ever wished you had a way to make a direct impact on the life of a child who may have no other hope? Here is a simple way for you to make a real difference in a child's life.
                Children of Zion, Inc. is a Christian ministry assisting and promoting the evangelistic, pro-life work of encouraging churches and para-church organizations in North America to establish Children’s Homes throughout the world to provide care for children orphaned by war, poverty, neglect, and the international AIDS Pandemic.
                As part of this mission, in 2003, we founded a Christian children's home in the southern African nation of Namibia to care for children orphaned by the AIDS pandemic. This children's home currently cares for 58 children and is called Children of Zion Village.
                One of the offshoots of this mission is the operation of a feeding center in the nearby village of Mafuta which provides life sustaining meals for orphans who are not part of our children's home. Five days a week we provide one meal per day for more than 140 orphans. Many of the children arrive dressed in rags and without shoes on their feet. For many of these children these are the only meals they will receive all week.
                In an effort to raise additional funding for this feeding center one of our board members, Mike Jacobs, has taken on the challenge of attempting to raise these funds by finding people to sponsor him in running 4 full marathons in 4 months.
                Mike will be running the Rock-n-Roll Marathon in San Antonio, TX on November 14th, the Dallas White Rock Marathon in Dallas, TX on December 5th, the Chevron Houston Marathon in Houston, TX on January 30th, and the Livestrong Austin Marathon in Austin, TX on February 20th.
                We are looking for people with a heart for children who would be willing to sponsor Mike in his attempt to complete these four marathons. None of the funds collected will go toward paying for the races or associated expenses. 100% of these funds will directly benefit the orphans of Mafuta.
                We ask you to please prayerfully consider a donation to this great cause. With your help we plan to do all we can to improve the lives of these orphaned children whom God has placed in our path.
 ********** UPDATE **********
Mike has decided to add one additional marathon to this effort.  He will run the Gusher Marathon in Beaumont, TX on March 12th.  That will make a total of 5 marathons in just under 4 months.

Race Date


San Antonio Nov 14, 2010 4:50:38
Dallas Dec 5, 2010 4:35:06
Houston Jan 30, 2011 4:34:00
Austin Feb 20, 2011 4:37:44
Beaumont Mar 12, 2011 4:26:37