The Children of Zion Village is a Christian home for orphans in the southern African nation of Namibia. It is located along the Zambezi River in the northeast corner of Namibia. Our children come from several different tribal and language groups.
The "village" opened in January, 2003 and is now home to 57 children. Most of the children have been placed in our care because they have lost their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to AIDS.
Here the boys and girls receive love, nutrition, shelter, healthcare, academic, vocational and Bible education, and become part of one large Christian family. Our missionaries, volunteers, and Namibian staff work together to raise the children in our "village".


National Day of Prayer called by the President of Namibia

But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.  Matthew 5:44

On March 6th the President of Namibia called the first National Day of Prayer for the country of Namibia.  The focus was on battered women and children.  The shops in town were still open but the bars were all closed and if someone was caught drinking they would be fined N$5000 (or about $500 US). 

Schools were still open so we decided to pull everyone, including the school children, together.  So the adults formed a circle of benches to sit on around the children, who sat on the floor in the children’s home.  We opened with the National Anthem and some songs and the pledges and prayer. 

P1110342    P1110346    P1110348

Then there was a program talking about the matters at hand – abused women and children.  Scripture was read and talking and praying points were spoken.  Then, adults were either appointed or volunteers to pray on certain specific topics that were discussed.  Then children could also volunteer.  We have to say that these were some of the most sincere prayers we have heard from the children.  They were really listening and knew what was going on and the prayers were so on topic.  We really know that at such a young age we could have prayed such a prayer. 

The day was Glorifying to God and it was so peaceful and refreshing and we were thanking God that there is a president that would call a day of prayer for the country.  We are also thankful that we have a Christian school and can freely pray and worship!!!  What a Blessing!!!

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.  Mark 11:24

Through Christ I have authority over the devil.  What a mighty God we serve!


Back home to Zion Village

On February 18, 2014 we arrived from our quick stateside visit back home to Zion Village.  It was a wonderful reunion with our children and our staff and the Ebners and our volunteer.  There can NEVER be too many hugs!!! And, it was NOT snowing!!!  There was NO ICE!!!!  It was warm!!! 

School has started and the new enrollment went from 80 to 105!!!  Even with several children graduating to grade 8 and  going on to another school, the families are coming to enroll their child in a Christian school!  We are thankful that this is another way to reach children for Christ!  To learn to pray, to memorize scripture, to work on the character traits of Christ and to hopefully accept Him and know what it means to be their personal Lord and Savior. 


The small ones have really grown in just a short month!  And the twins are saying everything!!! Then there was this small dog given to us from Mafuta feeding center as a gift.  Well, not really the time and attention we were looking for but we are thankful.  He likes to guard the clean laundry after we bring it in off of the line. 

      P1110218     P1110474 - Copy

The girls baked a cake for the February birthdays.  Everyone always enjoys eating cake!

P1110231    P1110240   P1110242

The children came up with teams of 4 per team to alternate one time a month cooking.  So, the job for the team is to choose the menu, shop for the things needed while comparing prices, cook, serve and clean.  Saturday was the day for Elisa, Mwinda, Josiah and Micah.  They chose chicken burgers, pasta, baked beans and ice cream.  The did a great job from shopping in town to cooking and serving.  Cheers for the “Zion Kids cook”!!!!

P1110372    P1110377   

Everyone was ready for church on Sunday to hear and learn about resisting temptation.

                     P1110413                  P1110416

Then after worship, we went on our Sunday walk to enjoy God’s creation. 

 P1110433    P1110450   P1110442 

It has been raining almost every day and the river is rising.  But it is still some time before we would have flooding here.  The road is becoming more challenging however.  We also have had only one car working for the past month, so transport is concerning for many reasons but God always provides a way.  The first picture of the river was taken in January and the second picture was taken in the same direction in the beginning of March.  As you can see even in the pictures, the river is “filling up”.  Even the hippos are lurking but they are not really too close.  No worries!


And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a well-watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.  Isaiah 58:11

See you next time.  Love from Children of Zion Village!      P1110424     God Bless You!!!

Wondering, waiting, answers, PRAY

We stayed stateside for a couple of weeks after our conferences for two main reasons. 

One was to quickly see our families.  Since we had a death in our family in 2013, we refused to be so close to them and not see them, even if just for a couple of days, during this visit.

Second was medical.  We knew that Travis needed a medical check and a biopsy.  Many of you were praying over him and this situation. The other question was if he needed surgery would he get it done on that visit and have Lorna return to Zion or would they both stay longer and how much longer is longer????  So, the biopsy was cancelled due to the ice and snow.  Then after the reschedule of the biopsy was the recovery and the wait.  The doctor said if the appointment is cancelled, then you are “clean.”  Well, the appointment was not cancelled.  One of us was anxious about the visit.  The other, Travis, fell asleep while waiting for the doctor.  That is called the PEACE OF JESUS!!!! 

The diagnosis is cancer.  But, the doctor was confident that we could wait and schedule later this year during our home assignment time in the states. 

After much prayer, we felt at peace with the decision to wait until September for the surgery.  We are praying and asking you to join us in pray for healing so that the surgery can be cancelled.  If he has the surgery we pray for the doctor and nurses and total healing and a quick recovery so we continue serving our Lord as He has called us to do. 

We can trust God because He has a perfect plan for our lives.  God know my past and has a plan for my present and has already secured my future.  Don’t worry about the future but trust God.  His ways are perfect. 

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose. 


Snow, Snow, where ever we go!

We were not stateside very long but we did visit 4 states.  Three of those states gave us the give of snow and ice.  Only Florida spared us the white stuff but even there it was cold!!! 

Atlanta was quit a sight.  We had gone across town for an appointment and were trying to get back for another.  It started snowing about 12:00 and by 1:00 we were driving.  It should have taken us about 45 minutes to go where we were going.  After 5 hours of stop and go, we were still not to our final destination.  The traffic was just not moving so we decided since we were only about 1.5 miles away, we would park the car at this nearby bank and walk.  So, walking through the beautiful snow was what we did!  Many were stranded in their cars on the interstate for over 18 hours!!!!  Many were also being good Samaritans and bringing sandwiches and snacks to those stuck in their cars.  So, there was not much snow but EVERYONE left work and tried to get children from schools (some children were stranded at school as well) at the SAME TIME!  Needless to say we did not make it to the next appointment (oral surgeon for Travis).  Oh, Atlanta!  We were thankful we got close enough to walk safely and the next day we walked to pick up the car. 

              P1100937            P1100939

That was Tuesday.  Saturday we fly to Maryland and rent a car to drive to Pa.  The day before we leave, we get a couple inches of snow.  That was not a big deal but the night before we leave we get about 6-8 more inches.  We waited until later in the morning to leave.  The roads were not too bad but we just took it slow.  All as we could say was “SNOW!” again, you must be kidding. 

              P1110012               P1100990

During our visit in Lewisburg we had the opportunity to see the Annual Ice Festival and here is a picture of one of the bigger ice statues. 

                  P1100982                        P1100983

So, as we drove south after the snow in Pa, the road got better.  Then just before we arrive in Md, it became ice.  ICE!!!! You must be kidding!!!  We would rather have snow.  So, our drive became even more careful.  The river was covered with ice, the trees were covered with ice and falling all around. 

P1110018          P1110022        P1110023

We were so thankful the God protected us the entire way.  I think we are ready to head back (in one week) to the heat (80-100 degrees) in Namibia!!!  Maybe traveling to the northeast the end of Jan and beginning of Feb is not such a good idea:) 

Norcross FUMC celebrates 10 year anniversary for GIC

But when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will be filled with power, and you will be witnesses for me in Jerusalem, in all of Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.  Acts 1:8

We were so excited to be invited to our home church for their 10th anniversary of Global Impact Celebrations.  When we were still living in the states, we helped to organize such events and we know that there was a lot of time, work and prayer put into the celebration.  It was awesome to be greeted and hugged by our church family.  It was humbling to sit next to other missionaries and hear their stories.  It was refreshing to hear 2 amazing guest speakers: Carolyn Moore and Max Wilkins.  It was fun and encouraging to speak to the youth and the children and answer their questions and see some excitement about Namibia. 

We arrived in Atlanta Thursday evening after the Global Gathering with The Mission Society.  We are so blessed to have Sharon and Gary Grahn welcome us “home” into their home.  They are the BEST and we could never repay them for their kindness.  Friday afternoon we went to the church to set up our display table of photo books, and a slide show.  After meeting and greeting, we entered the family life center for a wonderful meal and were honored to sit at one of the head tables with Dr Dick McClain, Dr Jim Lowry, Angie and Rick Miller, LuRae Ahendt and our wonderful volunteer/daughter, Rebecca Westbrooks. 

            P1100879               P1100883

The evening celebration was food, the awesome youth praise band, introductions of the missionaries and an incredible speaker, Carolyn Moore.  Are you a verb or a noun?  When God says “jump”, do you jump?  When God says “move”, do you move?  When God says “go”, do you go?  When God says “give”, do you give?  If you do not, what is stopping you?  Lack of faith?  Satan?  Your family?  If God’s timing is NOW, He will take care of everything else.  He does not send the equipped but He equips those He sends. 

  P1100891        P1100888        P1100889

Saturday morning we joined a big group to package 40,170 meals for the hungry as part of the “Stop Hunger Now” program.  Everyone from the young to the old participated styling their beautiful hair nets and having a great time.  Each time the gong was sounded we knew to celebrate another milestone of packaged and sealed meals. 

             P1100899            P1100914

Saturday evening we spoke to a large group of youth at a home visit.  It is always an honor to know that God is planting seeds in these young people when they participate in such an event.  Sunday morning was a beautiful service with our guest speaker and President Elect for The Mission Society, Max Wilkins.  We then enjoyed talking to the young children.  They were full of energy but were very focused and ask great questions.  They also enjoyed with the beaded skirt and wearing the shantangi.  It was really awesome to see the energy and knowledge these children have about missionaries and missions. 

                               P1100925                 P1100927

We are so thankful to God for our church family, friends and the other missionaries around the world.  We went to Namibia weak and unequipped.  God continues to fill us with His strength and wisdom.  He equips us with what we need as we ask and fills us with joy that only He can give.  He will do that for all of you that call on His name.  We are NOT special and it is not about us.  It is about furthering His Kingdom in His Name.  

Praise the Lord, my soul!  All my being, praise his holy name!  Praise the Lord, my soul, and do not forget how kind he is.  He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases.  He keeps me from the grave and blesses me with love and mercy.  He fills my life with good things, so that I stay young and strong like an eagle.  Psalm 103: 1-5