Zambezi Flooding

The annual rains along the Zambezi River have once again causes flooding in many areas. Local villages are under water and people are camped out in the middle of the roads, which tend to be a bit higher than the surrounding ground. Although the rains have ceased, the flood waters continue to flow down the Zambezi from northern areas.

At Children of Zion Village we are suffering the worst flood situation since we opened our doors in January, 2003. Currently several of our housing units are flooded and most of our other buildings are surrounded by water. Along with the danger, destruction and mess of the water and mud, comes the crocodiles who like the shallow water and the snakes entering buildings looking for a dry home.

We have been offered a dry field near town to set up a tent camp, but the chaos of housing, feeding, supervising and caring for 58 children in that setting makes us hesitate to move. There would also be concern of thievery from our abandoned property.

Please pray for the safety of the children, the staff and the missionaries at COZV, and pray that the water begins to recede.